Our Methodology

Our approach to learning stems from our years of experience as the UK's leading risk recruiter, in which we've been able to gain a unique understanding of the risk and compliance challenges that businesses face, alongside the gaps in employee training and development. These insights have been used to create a programme of learning solutions that will help you to make critical decisions and navigate market complexity.

Flexible learning solutions to suit you and your team

Open Courses

Whether you are looking to invest in a group of high performers within your team, improve risk management awareness or navigate market complexity through information acquisition, our annual programmes of open learning courses, advisory workshops, and events will help you obtain the knowledge required to achieve organisational goals and objectives.

In-House Courses

Our courses can be delivered in-house and made bespoke to your company, business model, products and language. As your learning partner, we can help you every step of the way from engaging with multiple stakeholders and carrying out a learning needs analysis to confirming desired outcomes, solution design and delivery.

We believe that learning interventions should be multi-faceted, continuous, and most of all they should make you think.

As the UK's leading risk recruiter, we have over 31,000 conversations with risk professionals a year and have used these unrivalled insights to shape our course programme.

We've carefully selected course instructors from our network of expert talent, choosing active market participants who are leading experts within their respective industries.

Whether choosing an open course or in-house solution, we will take the time to discuss your business needs and use this information to steer the agenda.

Courses have been designed to give you access to information, insights and advice whilst providing you with the tools, frameworks and knowledge required to find practical solutions to your challenges.

Courses will equip you with realistic and achievable takeaways for your organization, centered around the leading firm’s most successful models and tools.

Our courses have been developed across the areas of expertise that FourthLine specialise:

Client Assets

Our Client Assets courses provide you with the knowledge required to keep your CASS arrangements in line with industry best practice, find solutions to your CASS challenge through our unrivalled pool of experts and ultimately sustain compliance.

Conduct Risk

Our Conduct Risk courses are designed to give you access to the information, insights & advice, as well as develop the skills and solutions, to better manage Conduct Risk within your organisation, and improve the capabilities of the risk community.

Regulatory Developments

Our Regulatory Development courses keep you and your firm up to date with the latest changes and developments to key regulations, providing insights about the changing regulatory landscape and giving you the knowledge required to achieve and maintain ongoing regulatory compliance.

Operational Risk

Our Operational Risk courses are designed to give you access to the information, insights & advice, as well as develop the skills and solutions, to better manage Operational Risk within your organisation, and improve the capabilities of the wider risk community.

Information Risk

Our Information Risk courses provide you with insights into data protection best practice from our network of leading experts and will help you to develop the skills and knowledge required to minimise the threats that can arise from poor information risk management, mitigate the impact of security incidents effectively and embed a healthy standard of privacy culture within your organisation.

Technology Risk

Our Technology Risk courses help to equip you with the skills and knowledge required to protect your business, mitigate damages and embed a culture of Technology Risk best practice.

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