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CASS - the current state of play
Elaine Sutton

FourthLine recently interviewed Elaine Sutton, Head of CASS & CF10a at Sova Capital, to discuss the current state of the CASS sector, how learning and development can improve performance and find out what the future holds.

Developing talent within a changing landscape
Hugh Gilmore

In this article, Hugh Gilmore, an experienced risk and compliance practitioner, discusses the importance of investment in training and development of risk professionals in order to keep up with the pace of change within the risk sector.

A year on from MiFID II, are you ready for the SFTR challenge?
Johan Joly

The question of whether you are ready for the SFTR challenge ahead is one that needs an urgent answer if you are to be fully prepared for the implementation of the regulation.

Establishing effective partnerships across the three lines of defence
James Wilson

For the 3LOD model to be successful within a business, whereby issues are identifed and resolved quickly and efficiently, the three lines need to have excellent communication and understanding of their roles.

Embedding a compliance culture
Ceridwen Lee

Writing from a data protection perspective, privacy specialist Ceridwen Lee offers advice on how you can embed a strong culture of compliance within your organisation.

Using Risk as part of your strategy
Andrew Denley

For the Information Security professional, risk treatments need to be carried out as part of an every day strategy, whilst others in the business need to see the importance of a Risk Analysis.

The evolving capabilities of the risk profession in a regulated environment
Aurore Lecanon

Aurore Lecanon, Transformation Risk Director at M&G Prudential, spoke to FourthLine about how the risk sector needs to develop to keep up with the transforming organisations.

The roles and responsibilities of a Compliance Manager
Sheraz Afzal

The Money Shop's Head of Compliance Sheraz Afzal discusses what it takes to be a successful compliance manager in the modern world and advice on how to manage teams across different regions.

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